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Vol 1: Finding Our Way

A journey into the Caldwell family's struggle for a quality education and their quest for the American Dream.

Our Mission: Telling the stories of St. Louis families and their struggle for a quality education and the American Dream

February, 2019


Dear friend and neighbor,

Today and over the next three years we are providing a series of stories highlighting the challenges St. Louis families have faced over many generations in getting a quality education and securing their purchase on the American Dream. This project grew from my work with Forward Through Ferguson, an organization formed in the wake of social unrest and with the goal of achieving racial equity in our region. I have moved on from FTF but continue to believe in using stories as catalysts for change.

Accordingly I have gathered a diverse and talented team to produce more stories -- one approximately every three months -- that shine a light, engage the mind, touch the heart and serve as a call to action.

We start with the Caldwell family, a story that you can read here or by downloading our PDF (see below), or by ordering a booklet (email us). We will tell of experiences like theirs not just in print but in other dynamic ways. We’ll take our stories and the family members involved into homes, places of worship and wherever people are inclined to listen and speak up. We will promote the concept of #OneThingICanDo so that after engaging with our work, our friends and fellow citizens can begin their own work with a sense of possibility.

We are identifying sponsors who will help us convene meetings and donors who will financially support the effort. Please let us know if you and your congregation, school, community organization or place of business would like to participate.

In gratitude,
Richard H. Weiss
Before Ferguson Beyond Ferguson

Vol 2: The Washingtons

For one St. Louis family the long road to social justice began many years ago. Click on the image to read their story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Vol 3: The Gladney-Vickers Family

She was among the first to integrate University City schools -- and the memories are bittersweet.

 Click on the image to read Judy Gladney's story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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