This book is an engaging and fascinating first-hand account from a Korean War veteran who remained silent for more than 60 years about his experiences. Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton of Washington University in St. Louis

I was inspired reading Hilltop Doc. As a former Marine machine gunner, I could feel the esprit de corps that flows through every engrossing combat chapter of the book.  —Rick Glassman, 4th Marine Division, 1964-1970

I found Hilltop Doc to be a gripping account of a Navy corpsman’s experience on the ground and in the foxholes of the bloody, almost forgotten, Korean War.  John Gillis, 2nd Marine Division, 1959-1963

Hilltop Doc Cover 2nd Edition

Hilltop Doc, First Edition, received an overwhelming positive response from readers and professional reviewers. As a result, the author, Leonard Adreon, has proceeded to publish a second edition.

The SECOND EDITION includes five new chapters, two new poems and a commentary by the author of the present Korean dilemma. The new chapters are powerful and gripping. Adreon explained he found it too difficult to write of these combat events when the book was first published. He now feels that the story is complete and offers a more comprehensive look at that war.

As a Marine corpsman, Adreon saw some of the worse of the Korean War’s carnage and the best of its humanity. His enthralling description brings to life the war between the Chinese army and the U.S. Marines. You will feel the anguish,
the frustration and the terror endured by the Marines on the hillsides against adverse conditions and massive Chinese forces.

He tells his story from the unique perspective of a young man thrown into the role of saving lives midst the war’s violence. He relates the grim emotional, sometimes ironic, battlefield scenes with his background story that through a series of bizarre events landed him at Korea’s 38 th Parallel.

Photo by Kelly Moffitt, St. Louis Public Radio

Author Leonard Adreon featured on 'St. Louis on the Air' with veteran host Don Marsh.

HILLTOP DOC author and Korean War veteran Leonard Adreon recently published a memoir reflecting on his participation in America’s “forgotten war" as a Marine Corpsman, providing medical aid in battle. He joined Don Marsh to discuss his book and to look back on the Korean War.

Hilltop Doc Cover 2nd Edition
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